Collection: Donations and Charity

At Hale, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on the Hawaiian Islands by donating a portion of our proceeds to charitable and non-profit organizations. Every quarter, we dynamically allocate our profits based on current events. Our partner organizations include:

- Hawaii Food Bank: Providing essential community assistance by not only nourishing the hungry but also offering emergency relief.
- Make-A-Wish Hawaii: Empowering local individuals during their times of need, fulfilling their wishes.
- The Nature Conservancy Hawaii: Committed to safeguarding Hawaii's magnificent wildlife and plant life.
- Women's Fund Hawaii: Empowering vulnerable women and girls, guiding them towards financial and leadership growth.
- Kahea - The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance: An eco-conscious charity devoted to preserving Hawaii's natural resources.

To be a part of this mission or contribute, click the button below. If you have specific causes in mind or wish to nominate organizations, kindly share your feedback in the contact section. Mahalo Nui Loa for your support. Aloha.