Slot Play Appreciation

Slot Play Appreciation
Purchase Requirement and Age Restriction
*Please Note: Slot Play Appreciation is Only Available for Customers 21 and Older

(When we say - We, Us, Our: we are referring to us as Hale)

Welcome to the Slot Play Appreciation program! We genuinely appreciate your support in purchasing our custom art digital downloads. As a token of our gratitude, we’re excited to offer cash prizes to those who not only buy our art but also display their love, loyalty, and appreciation for our craft. Participating is easy; all you need to do is make a deposit for your selected art piece in the Custom Art section. Within this section, you can specify the date, time, and casino where you’d like to witness our gameplay for a chance to win. After completing the deposit, you will receive an email containing information about your art piece’s budget, your preferred payment method (Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay), the slot machine of your choice for our play, and more. On your designated day and time, we will connect with you through live streams on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Additional details will be provided via email.

How It Works

The Play
Our slot machine wager will match the price of the art piece you purchased, minus the deposit. For example, if the artwork costs $300, with a $30 deposit, we’ll be playing with $300. You have the freedom to choose the denomination and request fast spins or denomination changes during our gameplay, which you can communicate to us through the live video stream.

The Time
When you make a deposit for your chosen artwork, you’ll select a 15-minute time slot for our gameplay. Once the time is up, our play concludes. You also have the option to stop our play at any time. If there’s money remaining in the machine at the end of your session and it’s less than what We initially put in, we’ll gift the surplus to you. If you wish to extend your viewing, you can purchase additional time slots by acquiring multiple art pieces, allowing us to play longer before moving on to the next art purchase. Please note that all deposits are final and non-refundable. If you are not live with us at your chosen time, we cannot guarantee availability later in the session, but we’ll make every effort to accommodate everyone.

The Pay
In the event of a win, we will gift you the initial amount we began with, plus 80% of the winnings (excluding hand pays, see below). Winnings refer to the money earned after our initial investment. For instance, if we start with $100, win an additional $100, and leave with $200 in total, we will gift you $180, comprising the $100 we started with and 80% of the winnings. If our initial $100 becomes $120 after winning and losing, we will gift you $116 as a result of the $100 initial investment and 80% of the winnings. In the event of a tie or loss, we will gift you whatever remains in the machine.

In The Event of a Hand Pay
A hand pay occurs when winnings exceed $1,200 (or $1,000 in some casinos). In this scenario, we will need to complete a tax form and report the win on our taxes. Consequently, 20% to 30% of the winnings will be withheld for taxes, depending on the federal income tax rate for that year. After tax deduction, 80% of the remaining winnings and our initial investment will be gifted to you. For example, if we start with $100, win $5,000, and the tax rate is 20%, we will gift you $3,300, consisting of $100 initial investment and 80% of the $4,000 post-tax winnings. The gifting process will be carried out through Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, or Crypto, depending on your preference, with all transactions handled via email.

In Conclusion
We sincerely thank you for your business and hope that our gift to you matches the quality art and affordability we provide. Best of luck to all, and thank you for your continued support!